Friday, 13 January 2012

.... when she was good, she was good but when she was bad, she was very bad

Hello there

Well, I've been good for a change. I've resisted the temptation to join in a Facebook homemade items 'thing' and despite finding out about Maeri's Make and do Studio in Stockton Heath, I haven't been there to check it out. Ok, so I have looked at the website and the shop she runs as an off-shoot of that which can be found here: Folksy but I haven't strayed from my Crafty Plan with those things.

Ok, so here is where my halo slips slightly. I ordered a pile of things from Art from the Heart yesterday. Now that in itself isn't too naughty, as I do need a few things for my BPC class with May Flaum. I didn't order all the stuff she suggests because as she rightly states and is my belief with all craft; you don't have to have all the stash shown in demos to re-create your own version. In fact it's more creative if you have to think about replacements. I know it takes alot longer but that's better than getting into financial trouble over.

Ok, ok, I'm getting to the naughty bit (no, don't raise your hopes, I'm not going to make this site get all saucy :-) ). I also ordered yesterday some paint brushes because (you ready for this?! ) I said yes to going to a craft and chat with my friend Jackie, along with some other crafty friends on January 26th. There, I've said. It's out in the open. My wayward ways are now known to all. All jokes aside, a plan is great in itself but I can't cut myself off from the world because of it, or the only thing that will be achieved is loneliness. My Crafty Plan is by no means thorough anyway, as it doesn't mention all the cards I make.

I'm feeling really quite motivated, excited, nervous by these new activities but that's good. I'm alive!


  1. Hey ... This is a good thing not a bad thing! Hurrah for new challenges regardless of if they are on your plan or not. Btw... Where is your plan? I want to know what's omit... Other than dressing gown making!

  2. My Crafty Plan is in a post called 'Motivation' and then another post comes the day after called 'necessary addition'. I wonder if it's possible to do links to them in this message box...... .. not sure if that'll work but they're on the blog archive on the right hand side of my blog anyway :-)

  3. There's also a post called 'I've swayed from the plan already' which shows how I've displayed it right in front of my desk, so it's constantly in view :-)


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