Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Scrapping the house

Hello again

Yes, I'm starting to do scrap pages about the house; I can't believe that we've almost been in it a year. There's still loads to do, even such things as light fittings but hey, ho, we're fine going along at a calm pace and not getting ourselves into financial difficulty as a result.

I'm using two photos from October 15th 2010. I took so many photos of the house when it was being built and they're all over the place; some on facebook, some on my old computer, some on Chris's various camera memory cards; probably some on my old digital camera; Maggie has some on her computer etc. Almost every technological thing can take photos these days, which I find, makes it hard to keep track of them all. It's the same with the dogs; the photos are all over the place.
Tonight I've cut out some images from the Heritage cartridge; font size 3/4" (with corresponding 'font shadow' function); house 1 and 2 cut at 3", lamp1 cut at 1.5" and house5 charm function cut at 4". I looked online for inspiration with layouts for houses but there was nothing that I liked.I also had a look at CraftArtist but there was very little indeed on there which I found rather unusual. I saw a great idea on dailyCraft using templates but none of them were for houses unfortunately. I suppose I could've just used a basic layout but I didn't want that.

The photo shows what I basically intend to do with it  (the title will go along the top) but it needs something to make it a bit more complete/interesting/layered. I'm going to a friend's house for a little while tomorrow night to do some crafting, so I'll see if she can inspire me with her artiness. I'll put the small amount of journalling I want onto that tag type thing on the bottom left; I thought it looked a bit like a fancy door.

If I remember, I'll post you the finished outcome.

Take care out there

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