Monday, 30 January 2012

Update on our African creatures and my dressing gown

Hello there

We've been at it again. We've been wafting a brush around. Yes, that's right my daughter and I have done some more work on our Eric Tournaire inspired projects.

I'm not sure if I should've coated the canvas with something first as I found that I had to re-do the border sections on my canvas as the paint wasn't 'sticking' so to speak. Thankfully the creatures didn't get affected by the pva glue we used to adhere them to the canvasses.
We just need to do some basic pen markings on them tomorrow and then coat them, either with pva or with Claudine Hellmuth's matt medium. I might have a little practise run during the day to check that it doesn't affect the paint; I doubt it will but I'd rather be sure in my mind.

I also managed to get something done on the dressing gown I'm making. I really didn't enjoy doing the pockets as I found the material too light and the nap gets in the way of the machine's needle sometimes and the pile... well, that gets everywhere! I was not a happy bunny so I looked online for any hints and tips... I know, I know, I should've done that before starting but I wasn't expecting it to be so awkward. Maeri from The Makeando Studio in Stockton Heath answered my plea for help on her Facebook page and she suggested the Coats and Clark website and I also found very similiar advice on Burda's website. It's all fairly straightforward advice but it boils down to me having to go slowly and have patience. Mmmm, if I must! Anyway, I got the pockets attached and the back piece is now attached to the front, so it's taking shape. I'm going to the Make and Do Studio's open night on Thursday February 2nd, so I'm sure Maeri will ask how it's going, so I'd better get it done!

Take care out there
p.s since writing this post, I've learnt that painting Gesso over the canvas before painting is a good idea to help the acrylic paint sit better on the canvas

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