Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Necessary addition

Hello there

In the shower this morning, I realised that I need to add one more thing to my 'Crafty plan' and that is the 'Me In My Moleskin' project by Kirsty Wiseman. I haven't even started it yet despite having had it for over 7 months. Tut tut. I now sincerely hope that I don't think of anything else, although over the 12 months, I'm bound to be shown projects that I'd like to do. I'm going to have to be strong and resist the temptation before I've completed my plan.

It'll be interesting to test my resolve. I might have to stop looking at blogs..... er, no, that's not happening.

Oh yes, and, exciting news! Well it is for me at any rate. My Christmas present arrived today (well, I bought them with some Christmas money), so that's all great news and can't wait to have a go but there's so many other things I need to be doing in the big wide world,, grr, I'll have to wait until later this evening.

Take care out there

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