Wednesday, 4 January 2012

My word

Hello there

This isn't really a crafting post, it's a more personal one. I've been commenting on other people's blogs/facebook posts about 'words' for the year but haven't put anything on my own. So here I am rectifying that situation.
My word is:


I ummed and ahhed about which one but this came to mind first, so best I stick with my initial thoughts, as that often works out best. I had my doubts about it though, as it suggests that, yes, you are grateful for the smallest good things, even on a good day. The 'but' though is that it might make me accept second best, which I've done before and I don't recommend at all. I know sometimes we have to accept our lot but we can also strive to improve things, even if only in small ways.

Thanks to Katrina Hunt's post on Facebook, I've now uploaded a Photo 365 app onto my phone. That basically encourages you (and reminds you, which is so helpful for me) to take at least one photo a day. That will help me to think of at least one good thing a day to photo; even if it's just one of the dogs lying at the bottom of the stairs with their chins on the bottom step, which is adorable.

If you're happy to do so, please leave a comment telling me what yours is. I've never thought of one before, so I'll see if it can really act as some kind of resolution for the year. If I remember, I'll let you know.

Take care out there

p.s  today's photo will be of Maggie going out to her dance class but that's not till tonight, so I can't put it on here yet. Please do share yours if you have time.

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  1. Ooh... Good word. Mine is perseverance. Also doing project365 and managed to do everyday so far since 23 december. Good luck ith the challenge.
    C xxx


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