Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Betty's acetate birthday card

Betty is doing well and out of hospital, so I'm hoping that the card is something nice around the house for her to look at.
It's Betty's birthday on April 26th, so I've made her this card (she's certainly keeping me busy). I got the inspiration from a Hunkydory show on Create and Craft a couple of months ago and thankfully I had kept the piece of paper with the instructions written on, even through the move of house which is impressive for a scrap of paper.

The base is 6"x9" and the fold lines were scored at 1", 1", 1.5", 1.5", 2" and the last space is 2". Mountain fold the first line and keep going until the end. I also cut the acetate that size but only scored it half way; I'm not convinced it's high enough so if you're using this as a guide, practise that bit before doing it in full. I then selected images I wanted to use from the Fab Glam Fifties My Craft Studio cd-rom and printed them off at the correct size, which was around 3cm each. I also printed off the paper for the envelope using that cd-rom as it matches the card elements perfectly (as it's same paper basically) and that cd-rom has a great envelope template section. Unfortunately the paper at the front of the envelope faces a different direction to the back of the envelope but I'm praying Betty doesn't notice the 'Jive' word going in different directions as it's not bold at all. I'm not that happy with the jukebox as it leans forward rather but other than that I think it's a great card style and I'll be using it again no doubt.
Just one more thing, since it has several folds in this card, remember to consider that when making your envelope as it's quite a thick card.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Get well soon card

Don't you hate it when your computer starts dying, so you try to refresh it without having saved your work first! Hence this being my second time typing most of this. Grrrr (I've since realised that Blogger automatically saves a draft for you, so I needn't have bothered re-doing it as it was already waiting for me- double grr :-)  )

The exciting news is that today we went to see some cocker spaniel puppies just outside of Preston and we've decided that we'll have two black ones; one with a white chest patch will be called Alfie and the other will be Nero. We'll collect them next Saturday; we're all excited but especially Maggie.

Also this week Betty; Chris's mum has had her second hip replacement op but yesterday Chris took her home after only a couple of days at the hospital, so hopefully that's a good sign for a full recovery. She's been housebound for a year or more now, so she's due some good times. We went to see her on Thursday night and I took this card to her-

It's showing as quite a bit darker than it was but I still like it. Yet again I have to admit to copying the idea from Cardz tv with Mary but changed the colours. She had a really clear, precise, effective way of describing how she made the card, so made it easier and more fun for me.

Here are the written instructions to help me when I need to make it again quickly.
1)The base is 41/4 x 51/2
2)The polka dot mat is 4 x 51/4
3) The plain band is 13/4 x 4
4) The patterned band is 11/4 x 4
5) All the flower pieces are cut in size 3inches and are from page 73 of the booklet with the Forever young cartridge. The green base is just using the button, the flowery section is used by pressing shift then the button. The polka dot flower layer is done by pressing the layer function then the flower button. The glitter card middle flower is done by using the layer function, the shift button and the flower button.

I've made another one since Betty's as it's so pretty and easy and it's best to have a 'get well soon' card handy as when someone isn't well, they need the sympathy there and then, not in a week's time.

Take care out there

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Instructions for Hootin tootin card

Firstly I must give thanks to the two ladies; Peggy and Donna from Daily Grace Creations who inspired me to make this project on my new Create a Critter cartridge for my Cricut. It's not obvious straight away but it's actually an easel card.

The base card is 18cm wide and basic A4 length= 29.5. Score this in half and then score one half in half again; which is basically 14.7 and then 7.3cm
The topper with the owl on is 18cm by 14.7cm. The next layer is 17.5 by 14. The top layer is 16.5 by 13.5.
The owl is created on the Create a Critter cartridge and is sized at 23/4’s in
The branch is from the same Owl section of CAC at 2in
The sentiment on the topper was created on Serif Craft Artist Professional using the ‘Cheers’ letters at 0.5in. The base layer of the matting and layering underneath is 8.7 by 4.7cm with the top layer being 7.9 by 3.7.
The word hoot is from the CAC cartridge at 1.5in. The flower in the middle of the second ‘O’ is one of the flowers from the CAC cart; you have to cut it with a second flower but the other one can always be used on the envelope. The ‘in’ bit is in the same size from the ‘Cheers’ letters as is the ‘tootin birthday’ but they were 0.5in. All the words other than ‘hoot’ were printed on Safmat.
I custom made the envelope from a My Craft Studio cd rom called ‘Fab Glam fifties’ as they have a very easy section on that for doing just that. The back is width= 15.71, height= 19.5. The front is width=20.59, height=24.66
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