Sunday, 29 May 2011

Napkin box


Let's hope this works. I've  been trying to comment on a couple of blogs but it won't let me and I've had that problem before, logging in on my Google account. All too confusing for me. Anyway, I'll give it a shot.
I've started liking to have napkins on the table and despite invariably being the only person who actually uses them, I thought that I could try to make a display box for them rather than them sitting in a cupboard and me having to get one out every meal that I felt I needed one. This is the result.

I'm not that keen on the design as I think it looks too much like wheels but I'm chuffed with the concept of it and that it works practically for me. The world's my oyster with how I decorate them in future, now that I have the measurements. I cut the box on my Ultimate Pro and the design is from the, oh dear, I can't remember which cartridge as I did it on my Gypsy so I'm not that aware of which cartridge is being used (edit- I've just looked it up and it's from Gypsy Wanderings which explains why I couldn't find a cartridge with that image!). The base cardstock is Centura pearl and the coloured card is C&C 12x12 pearlescent bright burst card.

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Claire's Florida memories box

This is a first for me; well, since I'm relatively new to all this crafting stuff, most things are new to me but this is a first for a memories box of any kind. I've had a bit of an adventure with it and it isn't as good a finish as I would like to achieve but I'm pretty chuffed with the basic concept of it and how it's turned out. I did try to seal it as such after looking online for how to do it. I went for 50/50 diluted pva glue but unfortunately it made some of the images 'run' and the paper went bubbly. I've since learnt that you can get fixative sprays specifically for inkjet papers and vinyls; they only cost about a fiver for either matt, satin or gloss finish, so I might try experimenting with some of that for next time. The papers on the box are of a varied bunch though; some are printed from Craft Artist, others are stickers from my Disney set; others are from a pack and others are card cut out on my Cricut. There will be a next time  because even if Claire doesn't see the point in this box, I'd like to make some for us for different things. I've got a memories box with stuff related to when Chris and I first met but that's in a huge Thorntons chocolate fancy box; I should put more stuff in there. You can get carried away with these memories things though and not actually do any living to give you memories to cherish!

It's scary sharing these craft items sometimes because of course other people can find fault but I'm my worst critic so what they see/think won't be worse than what I've seen/thought myself. Such as I'm not certain that Minnie looks good with stripes on her face as she's transparent and it shows the stripes through from the deckchair. It's maybe also a bit naughty sharing this because I haven't given it to Claire yet but if she sees this post on the Facebook link, then at least she'll know what she's about to get - hope you'll be able to use it Claire xx

Thursday, 19 May 2011

My old cactus

This is just a quick little 'off the usual beaten track' posting as it's a photo of a cactus I own. This cactus must have been bought in the late 80's sometime. When I went to Oz in 1992, I left it with mum who pampered it brilliantly until I returned here in 1999 (my goodness, I've been back for 12 years?!! -that's scary). Considering it's age, it's doing really well. The narrower section close to the bottom was because it had outgrown it's original pot and didn't grow properly, so now it's lobsided and needs a wall to keep it upright which is rather funny. The spikes on it are still extremely.... well, spikey! The photo shows it as it is at this moment; in flower. Every year it flowers at least once, which I think is kinda good. I have another container with different cacti but they're just as old as this old geezer. My life buddies are cactus?!.... discuss.
It doesn't normally live on the floor but I seem to be photographing or videoing things which show my floor alot lately, so I'll stick with the theme.

A challenge from Helen

Last night at craft club, Helen was very planned and focussed and has set Catherine and I a challenge. She claimed that she had forgotten the stamp required to finish this card but I suspect that's just a devious way of making us think about how to complete it. Here is what I managed to do in the class:
We made the backing paper with 1inch strips of the lovely coloured card and then die-cut it on Helen's very pretty Big Shot with the top note die. I then fiddled and faffed to make the bow; Helen said it was easy but I have a knack of making the easy look difficult.
My job now is to think of how to complete it, then find the time to do it and then see how terribly it contrasts to the amazing way Catherine will probably finish it off. My initial thoughts were to make a top note little topper (from Craft Artist) to go in right hand corner with a sentiment on or a flower if I want to leave it open for allsorts of occasions. Helen's card had that sort of thing on but of course she stamped hers very nicely.
watch this space... or I'd suggest go get a life as I might be a while :-)

Ok, here goes. I've finished it off and this is the final card and envelope

You have to click on the image to see  it larger really as the font I chose has diagonal lines involved in it which I thought matched the patchwork effect we did for the main topper. I did the stitching effect a) I just like it and b) it matches the stitching holes that the die actually creates itself which you can only see if you look very carefully or if you know the Stampin' up range of dies. I somehow managed to acquire a spare blank top note shape from Helen, so I used this for the envelope and I even remembered to place it so that there'll be space for a stamp if necessary. I think I'll leave the inside of the card plain as there comes a point in every project when you have to actually stop; yes, stop adding stuff, stop fiddling, stop trying to think of more ideas. I laugh at myself alot when I keep on going far too long with most projects. Anyway, it's all fun for me.

Take care out there

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Mickey Mouse

Just a quick note as the boys are in bed but I really don't think that they want to be but tough; they have to wait a while which is something they're definitely not used to when everyone is home over the weekend.
Anyway, I've managed to make this Mickey Mouse card for my nephew. The start of it was some Disney stickers I was given in a huge box full of crafty goodies  when I left work. I hadn't known what to do with them really but since my nephew has only just got back from Florida and the Disney park; I thought it was an excellent opportunity to put at least one sticker to use. They're actually meant to be put on windows but I've just added some glue to the backs and it's fine. It doesn't look brilliant but I'm proud of the fact that I designed it all and did it relatively quickly today. I cut it an oval shape to match the decorative shapes of the waves that Mickey is surfing on; I used my Gypsy to help me weld two ovals together from the Plantin schoolbook cartridge (originally they were circles but I just stretched them to size). I then copied one of the ovals and shrunk it a bit and put it inside the left hand side oval in order to create the aperture. I covered the aperture with acetate and then decorated it with the Happy Birthday I created on MCS software and another small sticker. The A5 envelope I made from My Craft Studio 'Fab Glam Fifties', which didn't need any tweeking at all which was great as it was so quick and easy. I cut the stars for the envelope on my Cricut out of the same card as the card base.

Now for the joy of thinking what on earth to get him as a present but at least I had made a mistake with the date for his birthday as it's on June 18th, not May as I had thought earlier on, so I have more time to get something. I've now changed my calendar but every year for some reason I doubt whether it's May or June.
It's been a miserable rainy grey old weekend but the crafting I've done has helped me feel better although I'm always hankering after doing a lot lot more. No pleasing me.

Take care out there.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

Mum's birthday 2011


This is the card I did for mum this year which I made from some saved free downloads from Crafter's Companion again. It's inspired again from the sample they provided and it's simple but I really like the colours. The Happy Birthday message inside was printed out on Safmat and then put onto the shaped section. The Flower Power message was cut on my Cricut from the Paisley cartridge (2inches I think) which was my idea.  I'm using my sealing wax and with the decorative seals on the envelopes as I love the look of it and the history behind it; even Maggie appreciated that as she made a card for mum too of her own design. After I'd taken this, I decided to use a light blue pencil inside the 'flower power' writing to help it stand out more; sometimes it's difficult to know when to stop meddling with a card.

Next year is her 70th so I'll have to do alot more for that. I've bought Craft Artist Platinum for just that reason as I'd love to make a scrapbook for her of some old photos. I've been meaning to start it for years but just haven't done it. Just you watch; a month before her birthday I'll be in a mad panic doing it. Just typical. I also want to decorate a papier mache box for my sister to put memorabilia from her recent Florida holiday. I need to sew the curtains for the lounge. I need to do the tie-backs for the curtains in Maggie's room. My nephew is 9 next week. Chris's son will pass his driving test soon, so cards are needed for those things. Etc HELP! When people suggest that I buy cards to save time, I just can't do it. That would be like a bang on my knee- painful! :-) Time is of the essence but it'll calm down once the puppies can be taken for walks and I get more used to it all. Think I need to be burning the midnight oil alot more but then getting up at 6.20 for the dogs doesn't encourage me towards doing that.

This is second time on me trying to put this post on due to computer cliches, so I best stop there; thankfully Blogger had saved part of my first try, so this time has been pretty quick thankfully.

Enough of my whinging

Take care out there

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Very fiddly at first but then I went on to make four more!


This one is a result of downloading the May Member's free download papers from Crafter's Companion. They show three examples of cards which can be made from the set, so I basically copied one as well as I could. The fiddly bit is all the cutting out necessary -I'm spoilt with my Cricut evidently; it's a hard life but someone has to do it!
I'll start from the front and work back through the layers of this card to explain some of the additional items/embellishments. The shiny ladybird is from the papers and coated with Glossy accents as are the little ladybirds going up the strip on the left, the leaves and the gem stone in the bow. The word Shelley was printed on Safmat. The lacey effect circle frame behind the red ring supporting the bow, was made with Craft Artist and the brush effect; I created a basic circle shape first to the required size and then went round that with the brush at the thickness I wanted and printed it out - maybe Craft Artist isn't so bad after all :-) The red checked paper was cut with the help of my Gypsy as I've created a scalloped rectangle on there which can fairly quickly be resized for whatever purpose I want for it and I love it! The red shiny paper was from some old saved wrapping paper that I have hanging around and it frames the front very nicely - re-using is a love of mine too.

Right, better dash as the pups should be well awake by now but they're not crying, bless them; they're so good at certain things. And yes, so bad at others - such is the way with pups. They had to go to have another injection today but they were good as gold basically, so best go see to them.

I hope all that makes some sort of sense to you.

Take care out there
May 29th 2011
That was the original post but now I've finished off 95% of the printout, so I'm chuffed to bits as I hate wasting. I'm not sure what these cards will be used for so there aren't any sentiments on them really. I'm so proud that I designed them all myself with what I had left and a few extra bits I made up. I also used the Ultimate Pro to emboss the trifold's wavy line down the middle of the second panel on the checked paper. I hand cut the red shadow behind the 'Just for you' label on the third section of that card. The little ladbybird embellishments on the envelopes and the trifold card were cut from Create A Critter.
Square (almost as it measures 6x6.5in)


May 30th
Just found this card in my bag of cards too, which I'd forgotten I made straight after making that original one. I think I made one for mum too so there  has been a stack of them from the one print out of the papers, which is excellent value. Some are better than others it has to be said and the card I used on the gatefold and trifold is very thick so I had a bit of a job getting them in the envelopes I made but this last card is made from centura pearl and the envelope is card as well. Sentiments will be added when the occasion arises.

Somedays it just isn't with me

I'm posting this incase one day I actually gloat over how well I think I've done with a card or other project. The reason for that is that it caused me alot of grief and yet the final item isn't any good at all. Unfortunately it was Chris's birthday card but bless him, he knows how long it takes me with new card designs and he's a bloke so he doesn't really care about cards anyway. He just knows how cranky making it made me - hee hee.

I designed the backing design on Craft Artist platininum after alot of struggle and it not saving etc etc. I've maybe made a friend out of those struggles though as I posted on Daisytrail and a lady called Angie helped me with an issue I had with trying to copy a page, so good does come out of bad sometimes. The original design was based on one I saw on a blog but I won't name it as the poor person would be horrified to know this card is linked to hers. The one she did was quite a bit different using allsorts of fancy inks and embossing folders which I don't have; although I have ordered the folder she used for future use - it had to be done :-)

The bird was from Home Decor Cricut cartridge as was the frame. The bird was cut at 3inches. I can't remember how big the frame was but I suspect the same size; I cut that twice to enable me to have the two colours. The card is 5in square. I should've taken a photo of the envelope actually (too late now as his birthday was May 1st and the envelope is in the recycling bin) as I used the backing paper and adjusted it so that there was a clear space to put Chris's name. I also used some green sealing wax with a leaf design to seal it, so that looked so professional to sort of make up for the card.

Can you spot the basic thing I left out of the design?
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