Sunday, 29 May 2011

Napkin box


Let's hope this works. I've  been trying to comment on a couple of blogs but it won't let me and I've had that problem before, logging in on my Google account. All too confusing for me. Anyway, I'll give it a shot.
I've started liking to have napkins on the table and despite invariably being the only person who actually uses them, I thought that I could try to make a display box for them rather than them sitting in a cupboard and me having to get one out every meal that I felt I needed one. This is the result.

I'm not that keen on the design as I think it looks too much like wheels but I'm chuffed with the concept of it and that it works practically for me. The world's my oyster with how I decorate them in future, now that I have the measurements. I cut the box on my Ultimate Pro and the design is from the, oh dear, I can't remember which cartridge as I did it on my Gypsy so I'm not that aware of which cartridge is being used (edit- I've just looked it up and it's from Gypsy Wanderings which explains why I couldn't find a cartridge with that image!). The base cardstock is Centura pearl and the coloured card is C&C 12x12 pearlescent bright burst card.

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