Friday, 27 January 2012

Scrapping the house, again.

Hello there
Shock! Horror! I actually remembered to finish the first scrap page about the house.

I had to finish it on my own too as my friend and I had other things to discuss last night, so I've just finished it tonight before Chris gets back from London. I think I said in my previous post but I have been really surprised at what little inspiration I've been able to lay my hands on in relation to house/home projects. I know of various stamp sets which have houses on them but they're usually oldy worldy houses not modern day ones. I just thought that more people would've done layouts for the building of their new home or just about their home. Maybe this world is so sad, that nobody will put photos of their home online incase somebody comes to burgle them but burglars could pass your home on a daily basis- how the internet changes that is beyond me.... sorry I'm getting off the point here.

The brick affect could be achieved by a CraftArtist kit called 'Planet Pop' but since that's nearly £4, I didn't bother as the brick wall background was the only reason I wanted it. There are also masks with the brick wall effect but I don't own one of them either. In the end I got the brick pictures from a Google search for images. I edited it slightly so it wasn't so bold and bright.

It's not great by any stretch of the imagination and I will need to think about some other possibilities for house related papers and embellishments as I have many more house photos to scrap. I did it though; another scrap page is complete! I think my last one was January 16th, so it hasn't been weekly yet as my Crafty Plan aims for but it's another one done and it's alot more than I've ever done before, so I am achieving. So I am happy.

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