Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Another update on fleece trials and canvasses

Hello there

It's interesting, as the other day when I first started cutting the fleece fabric up, Chris said "why are you continuing to do something which you clearly aren't enjoying?" It's easy. I have to. You can't let all challenges beat you. I put making this dressing gown on my Crafty Plan for 2012, so I have to give it my best shot. I'm achieving too as it's now got a collar, front facing and sleeves as modelled delightfully by my daughter below:
I have to tell you that she'd just had a shower - her hair is wet, not greasy :-)

It's hard to see much from this as I haven't sewn the inside seam of the sleeves, so they're just a flap of material at the moment.

Maggie has also been very productive tonight as she's done some black lined sketch drawings on her canvas. All that needs to be done now is cover it with pva. There's some stitching still to be done on the board she's created but she'll do that tomorrow in class; varnishing tomorrow night, then hand it in on Friday. I do hope that the teacher appreciated the amount of extra work she's done by completing the canvas. The teacher knows nothing about the canvas yet, so the element of surprise will be there too. I'll have to get a wriggle on and try to finish mine too.

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