Wednesday, 1 February 2012

I feel bad

Hello there

Today I messed up. I put pva over the top of Maggie's painting and bits of it smudged; especially the face of the lion. I even did a test run last night of the acrylic paint and all was fine but what I had forgotten was that we had done the sketch drawings with a black felt pen and that is what smudged. It's not ruined but it's not great. I feel so bad for Maggie. I've just printed a photo of it as it was last night, so she can take that to show her teacher. She can explain it was all my stupid fault. I should've done it on my painting first. I'm just so annoyed with myself. I'm not going to show it but like I said, it's not ruined by any means and perhaps we can touch up his face over the top of the pva varnish. The main character is absolutely fine. The teacher isn't expecting anything else from Maggie anyway, so hopefully she'll allow for my lack of experience and just revel in the fact that Maggie tried so hard with this.

I'll go to Hobbycraft tomorrow to see if they've got any Golden Acrylic Polymer Varnishes which I read about this evening on . If they have, I'll cover mine with it and Maggie could perhaps take that into school as well. I have got some Claudine Hellmuth multi-mediums which I got in preparation for my BPC class but I'm nervous of using those as they weren't cheap and this is quite a large project and I've only got the sample size bottles. Not sure, maybe I will just try that.

Poor Maggie coping with my hairbrained ideas. At least I try for her though and try to inspire her to do different things.

Take care out there

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