Monday, 6 February 2012

Three cards from one

Hello there

Today's post is about using a download I got for free from Nancy Watt via her newsletter this weekend. Due to bit of a printing error/strange occurrence, I ended up making three cards out of the one elements sheet.
The first one was using the blue shaded elements. This came together quite quickly, once I'd decided to use a doily. I knew I had the blue gems but whilst I was getting them, I found another little box of embellishments and I thought those flowers would look great and I was right, as they're a darker colour to stop it all being a bit wishy washy. The frame around the sentiment actually had a different 'inner' to it but I didn't want that, so I cut it out and then printed the Happy Birthday onto some Safmat, using MyCraftStudio software to ensure it was the right size and then glued them both onto the card.
The envelope was printed using a template available on the MCS sofware. I used a die-cut oval feature on the software to create the white space for the name in the middle of the envelope

The second one is a section of the element sheet which I made larger. I've used glitter paint on the wings and the antennae to give it more life, as well as shaping the wings. This envelope was a pre-made and bought one, which I used a print-out to cover the middle of the front.

 The third one took me the longest time to plan out and find resources for. Maybe as it was getting late; it's now twenty past midnight on me typing this and I started straight after finishing it, so forgive me if I make even less sense than usual. I'm really pleased with the toadstool peel-offs as I felt they needed colour but the pens and pencils were in my daughter's room and I didn't want to go and wake her up, so I tried my acrylics set but no purples there and there's no way I was mixing colours this late at night. So, I got my Cosmic Shimmers little storage box out and sure enough, there was the Lavender Shine little pot waiting for me to use it. I've never coloured inside peel-offs before but seen it done and it is ever so easy. The raised surface of the peel-off creates wonderful lines within which to keep the colour - brill! I edged the card sections the toadstools are placed on with Dusty Concord. I first used the border peel-offs on the vertical right hand side edge, as, to be honest, I hadn't scored the base card correctly, so I had that overhang. I had initially gone to cut it off when I had the brainwave to decorate it, and hence the other peel-offs on the rest of the card. The sentiment came from a pack of Glitterations by Anita's (Docrafts).
It's so hard to photograph shiny peel-offs with a rubbish camera!

The envelope for this was printed directly from MCS software onto a bought plain envelope. I didn't realise before tonight that you can actually select a custom size for your paper. I just got the patterned section the size I wanted it on the screen, made the paper size 7x7inches and printed. Which all sounds very clever but dozy me forgot to create the white oval in the middle for a space to write the recipients name. Not to be beaten though, I just cut out an oval on my Cricut, using the ever faithful Plantin Schoolbook cartridge, with the same card as I used for the little toadstools. Job done! Not bad going for a night's work out of a free download, even if I say it myself.

Take care out there

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