Thursday, 9 February 2012

Steam punk-ish

Hello there

I've finally got round to getting some lace, so I can show this card I made using my MCS cd-rom 'Tinkering with steampunk'. My first one in fact, if memory serves me right. I've designed it too, so I'm happy about that.

You will notice a few errors though I have to admit. The first one is that I forgot to print double-sided on the card base, so the inside of the card is white rather than the 'mucky' paper look of the front. I rectified that with the envelope though, I have to say in my defence. I love the envelope almost as much as the card really. I created the actual stamp shape myself with a Gelly Roll pen;red star which is great when it shimmers in the light in contrast to the grungy look of the rest of the envelope.

The second error was the 'soutien-gorge' label on the top right hand side; I didn't print it in the right location to show fully on the card. I'm not worrying about this though as the card will go to one of my daughter's friends and I highly doubt they'll even notice. You could argue that it adds to the querkiness of it.

The flowers on the front were printed separately and once glued on, I put glossy accents on them and the way it makes the card react is great, as it shapes them for you and of course makes card come to life.
I was so pleased about the ribbon find in my stash, as the colour is perfect to match the swirly pattern on the top left hand side.It's American Crafts- Spring and Summer beetle.

I'm going to make more of these but learn from the lessons learnt. I'll enjoy making something that isn't being created from fresh.

Take care out there

P.S I've just checked and I lied! I have infact done another Steampunk card - I posted about it on November 4th last year. It's a good job I have this blog to keep me on my toes!

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