Thursday, 9 February 2012

Field Guide has started!

Hello there

Just a quick note to let you know that the Big Picture Classes Curious Scrapbooker's Field Guide has started since yesterday. This weeks' topic as such is mists. I only own a couple; one being Carole's Crafts shimmer magic - aqua lagoon and the other being a Perfect Pearls Mist - perfect pearl no less! I also have some cosmic shimmer paints which can be mixed with water in a spray bottle and used to create a mist. May Flaum (the teacher) provides not only a handout with three projects on it with instructions but also a video inspiration. There is a chat facility which will provide four or five chances to talk live to May about anything we're concerned about with the class. The only snag with that is that they're done on PST time and we're 8 hours ahead of them, so when they start at 7p.m, it'll be 3a.m here - not sure as I'm dedicated enough to stay up until then to chat. There's a message board and there's a gallery for us to demonstrate our work. May also doesn't mind if you email her directly. I've done one BPC before and I thoroughly recommend them for value for money.

An order which arrived today courtesy of free delivery :-)

I don't own any masks as such although my Cricut will let me create those but yesterday Chris got back from Thailand and he'd bought a bottle of gin in Duty Free and the bottle had a plastic mesh thing around it.

Once I cut through this, it'll lay flat of course and I can use it as a mask! Not sure how it'll work but I'm certainly going to play and find out.
I'm not sure why Chris was upset that I was more excited about the mesh than him arriving home!? :-)  He'd only been gone 6 days anyway!


I'm frustrated with the project I 'sneaky peeked' the other day as the zig zag on my sewing machine is playing up, so I've made no progress at all on that.


This is the Papermania craft tote which arrived today. Not only was it delivered for free  like the other order I showed earlier in this post(well, I ended up having to collect it from the Royal Mail depot to be completely truthful) but it was FREE! I got it as an incentive bonus for subscribing to Craftseller magazine. I was going to sign up anyway, so I was mega chuffed to see this new offer they had. It's brilliant as I don't have anything like this at all to take my crafty stuff with me when crafting away. I'll have a fun weekend moving alot of my stuff into it, as I plan on using it at home as well, so if ever I go to craft classes, it'll already be packed up as such. It's got the sweetest little bottom section which zips open to reveal two plastic trays with divided sections to keep allsorts of gems, candi,sequins etc in.

Take care out there

p.s the gin bottle upcycled mask worked!!! Yee hah!
Here's the result I got on plain, boring white printer paper and Perfect Pearl mist - superb!

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  1. Hi -- jumped over from BPC after you mentioned having visited my blog -- thought I'd do the same. :) Great idea finding something to use for your stencil. I'll have to see what I can find at home!
    ~ Laura


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