Monday, 20 February 2012


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Today I had to make what I had intended on being a quick card, which was meant to be in the post tonight. Chris's sister's birthday is on Wednesday and it's Monday 20th February 2012 now. The subject of the card was easy as Pat loves cats. The actual card itself was also really easy, as I followed Melanie's instructions from on youtube. All cuts are from the Create a Critter cartridge.
The base card is 5.5inch square.
The mat is 5.25in.
The circle was cut at 5in.
The cat was cut at 3.5in
The cushion was cut at 2in.
'purrfect' was cut at 1.75in

My issues began when I was doing the inside and wanted to add wording to the 'purrfect' die-cut. I tried Lyrical Letters first but I never seem to have much luck with that cut at 1inch or less but I kept perservering for alot longer than I should've. I tried a new blade, infact I even tried the deep cut housing unit for one particular cardstock I used. I even tried printing out the words onto the same patterned background as I put inside but that just wasn't good enough. I could've handwritten I know but that just didn't feel right either......

I don't have any alphabet stamps, so yes, you guessed it; I got rather distracted at one point looking at different ones online. The ones I liked the best were on the handyhippo site but they're almost £12 and there's so many other things I want, I can't justify that.

....back on track. I decided to go back to my old reliable Plantin Schoolbook cartridge and used the basic font from there, which worked well.

If I'd had more time I would've liked a slightly larger card with some ribbon or some wool to look like a ball of wool for the cat as I feel it looks rather isolated. Possibly some trinkets hanging from it's bow? I do like the black glitter type card I used for the cat as it looks better in 'real life' than in this photo.
I love the envelope which I created with the help of my Ultimate Pro. It's the same 'My Mind's Eye - totally girl' paper that I used with the card. The instructions for a 5.5in square card are brilliant, as the flaps are large and fit together well and the envelope is just the right size. That isn't always the case, although over the years I've adapted their basic formula for many envelope sizes to get them as I want them.

Take care out there.

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  1. What a cute kitty! Despite your trials with the letters it looks good hon.


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