Friday, 10 February 2012

One down, three more to go

Hello there

I've finished one placemat! The sneaky peek I mentioned in a post a couple of days ago was actually bits of a placemat that I've just put together. Thanks have to go to Shinyhappywendi on youtube as her videos helped me to put it together neatly.

Other than me previously having trouble getting my machine to do zig-zag stitch, the main issue I had today was the bias binding, as I used pre-made, shop bought binding whereas Wendi made her own. Wendi's binding was also alot wider than the one I used and believe you me, when you have to hand sew the back of the binding in place, that makes a big difference. It was a constant battle to keep pulling it over the stitching from where I'd machine sewn it on the front. I also struggled with the corners. They're only for here though and I've got three more to do plus a middle table runner type thing to do, all before Tuesday i.e Valentine's Day. I like the idea (for the first time ever) of making the day a little special for everyone. Everyday is such a humdrum weatherwise and I get so fed up of it, so doing something out of the ordinary helps keep my spirits up. It might also stress me to the max trying to get it done so quickly but now that I've mastered one and learnt from that, hopefully the others will be quicker to do now. We'll see!

Take care out there

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