Thursday, 16 February 2012

I did it, I did it! I bloomin' well did it!

Hello there

After last night's none successful misting experience, tonight I'm smokin'! Thanks so much to a lady who calls herself 'Mary S' on BPS. Mary commented on my layout and suggested trying acrylic paint with a dab of water in a mister as she'd had similiar problems with her misting. I have to say here in all fairness to May Flaum, that she does mention that as an alternative mist in her videos and handout but it just hadn't connected with me clearly. Mary was there at the right time for me to listen and respond to her advice. I'm ever so grateful to her.

Look at that glimmer in the mist - total accident which just shows I didn't wash the mister properly after using cosmic shimmers last night. I love happy accidents

This is my first ever tag of my whole life! Now that's a dramatic sentence. I've no idea what I'll use it for but I love it, so who cares?! Only having one mister bottle was a bit of a bind as I wanted at least two colours. So I've wasted some blue acrylic paint I suppose but boy, two drops of paint  and faff cleaning it out before using the red, are well worth doing to make me feel happy like I do now.

 I used the Creative Expressions wine label stamping set and loved every minute of messing with it. I then put droplets of the acrylic paint mist onto the tag - more love involved. The piece de resistance was stamping on card which I had misted (of course!) and then cutting it out and then glossy accenting it. I'd never done that with a stamp before - WHY NOT??!!!

Happy times are here again

Take care out there


  1. Wow ... Diane this is beautiful. I love it!

  2. How did I miss this! It's bloomin gorgeous!!!

  3. No idea Helen but thanks to both you and Catherine for your positive comments. I did enjoy this


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