Thursday, 16 February 2012

My misting layout

Hello there

Last night I posted my first proper project on the BPC Curious Scrapbooker's Field Guide gallery for the first week of class. It was late at night on me finishing it and I didn't go to bed happy. I had used a scrap page of May Flaum's on the handout as the basis for my layout and I was happy with the way it all came together. I loved the grungeboard letters, which I cut with my Cricut. I was happy with the ribbon I found to go behind/beside the tag which says 'days'. I was much less impressed with the misting experience. I only have two mists and one is too dark for my layout and the other is clear shimmer; so none were suitable. I put a couple of drops of the blue spray into a mister with a bit of water in it but that was hopeless. I tried using some cosmic shimmer powder in a mister with some water and that is what I ended up using. A) I should've done that before laying down my items as one of my photos ended up getting some mist on it B) the effect is barely noticeable and not suitable for a layout about building work.

Since I had the cosmic shimmer dusts out, I put some of the green on my craft mat, added a couple of drops of water onto it and then mixed it with my brush and then painted over the base green letters of 'days' on the tag and then went mad and painted round the edge of it too, hence the final outcome. All playing and learning which I did enjoy. The outcome isn't brilliant but the playing was.

I created the effect on the turn over flap purely by dabbing a 'pumice stone' distress pad on my craft mat, spritzed it with water and then dabbed the paper onto it. I love the effect as it looks mucky as if the paper has been out on the building site. I expect I could've got that same effect by misting but without a mist of that colour, I couldn't.

I played. I learnt. Memory page created. That's enough.

Take care out there

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