Sunday, 15 January 2012

A flower wreath

Hello there

Today I went to a Mel Heaton Cricut class using the Flower Shoppe cartridge. I've wanted this cartridge for a long time, so I was so glad to learn about this class and you get the cartridge as part of the price - which is rather excellent, to put it mildly. I'd like to type that we made a flower wreath but that isn't completely honest. We went through all the stages of cutting the shapes  and then inking and dashing them but I only actually managed to put together 3 flowers. There are alot of shapes involved as you can see; 30 of one shape:

Let me put it this way; there was much heated debate on the philosophy of how to deal with difficult situations, husbands/partners; freedom and a few things inbetween with much laughing going on inbetween. Sufficive to say, the amount of crafting was sometimes limited. I must take this opportunity to publicly thank a lady called Jackie, who was a saviour as I'd forgotten my glasses and she let me borrow a spare pair she had in her bag and which just happened to suit my eyesight perfectly. I also need to thank the lady; Pam, on the other side of me, who let me use her pro-marker to dash lines around loads of my shapes as I didn't have a brown pen and it saved me having to buy one. How could I fail to have a good time with such lovely people surrounding me?!

This is Mel's version of the wreath I will eventually finish:

Please do visit her blog if you want a full set of instructions yourself to make one.

p.s I'm also a complete convert now to the heat gun - I love the way it dries so quickly, making the whole process quicker and easier.

Take care out there

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