Sunday, 15 January 2012

Card for a 13 year old

Hello there

A quick card posting now. It's for a friend of my daughter's. All I was told was that she likes green and orange?! Yuck! but hey, we're all different.

I got the inspiration for the design from a Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine; in their 100th edition to be exact.Nikki Bowman was the designer. As ever, I make it my own by choosing from the papers I have and other resources. These were from my basic sets at the moment, i.e K&Co best of too (too is spelt like that on the cover) and 'My Mind's Eye' Totally Girl. The mistake I made with this card was that I put the orange word 'Happy' directly over an orange circle, so it's difficult to see. In defence of this card, I will say that it looks better in real life as this photo makes the cake look like it disappears into the background but it doesn't. I used the templates provided in the magazine for the cake but I used the 'Sweet Treats' cartridge for the candles. Fairly quick and easy other than choosing the papers, which always seems to take me too long.

I then decided to make a little bag gift box from the Forever Young cartridge. I've made a few before and I must say, I'm not that impressed with the fold marks or the cuts really. This bag for example didn't have long enough slits in the centre section to make the side parts stay together and the slit for the 'clasp' wasn't wide enough. I met Pam again today at a workshop and she had got 'All wrapped up' - I wonder if the boxes on there cut better. I could always cut boxes with my Ultimate Pro though; it's the handbag style of these boxes that I like so much. I'll just have to keep on making slight adjustments. Another issue I had with this one was when I went to cut the inner orange section, it cut at 'fit to page' as I needed for the main part but of course that was way too big. I had to go through all the motions of cutting the main part again (but not actually cutting it), just so that I could see the display show the actual size the bag was being cut at, so that I knew what size to cut the inner section at. Very annoying really but I should've remembered that as an issue from the other times I've made these bags, although in fairness it has been a long while now.
Other than the awful colour, I love this little gift box - perfect for girls her age with a small present inside.

Take care out there

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