Saturday, 14 January 2012

Who'd have thought?

Hello there

Small things can make such a difference. Alot of people buy these all the time yet for me, it feels quite unusual for me to actually own them.

What am I on about?

I'm on about canvases and tubed acrylic paint! Look, look!

They're just really cheap ones from Wilkinsons but I don't see the point in me spending a fortune on them right now. I'll wait to see how I get on but they are only canvases. I can just use it as a surface to decorate - it doesn't have to mean painting a masterpiece on. Nowadays with mixed media work being so popular, I'm sure I'll figure out how to use them. As long as I do use them, then it's well worth while. Just letting them sit in a box, afraid to use them; not seeing the light of day, isn't any use for them or me.

Take care

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