Wednesday, 18 January 2012

I'm on fire!

Hello there

Wow! I am certainly doing alot of blogging lately, which means something good. That's it! I'm also crafting alot. I've just decided that I'm not going to publish this until Wednesday or there's just overkill for the poor dedicated 'Diane's Mutterings' follower. Yes, I am being sarcastic. It's mainly because it pans things out for me. If I leave this until Wednesday (date of writing is 16th January 2012), then tomorrow and Wednesday I'm free to continue with the dressing gown I'm in the middle of doing, rather than feeling a 'need' to do another page of my blog.I have another post scheduled for tomorrow - told you I've been a busy bee!

One of my Crafty Plan points is to make a scrapbook page once a week. I've just completed this week's page. Recently my daughter has been enjoying drawing Manga cartoon characters. She often goes through phases of enjoying drawing different things but this is the second time she's been drawn to the Manga style. I love it! .....

 sorry to sidetrack but it's so funny because as I'm typing here, she's in the shower in the next room singing her heart out to Lady Gaga.....

where was I?.. oh yes.. so I've used one of her drawings for this page. It just happened so quickly. I obviously looked to the picture for inspiration but didn't know what colour to use. I  looked through one of my craft shelves and found the handmade papers and thought that was excellent for this. I chose blue tones as the girl looks a bit sad. I then was able to know what colour base paper I wanted. I selected this My Mind's Eye paper as it looks like a notebook entry, which is exactly what Maggie used to draw this girl onto. I had to tear the paper that the girl is on to match the handmade papers to enhance the casual, sketchy nature of the whole drawing.

I used the same pen to write the journalling as was used to do the drawing.

I put ribbons on because there is a ribbon on the girl's top. I put the wavy border on to match the ribbon effect on the top too. Method in my madness, you see!

The parenthesis were just another lucky find in my stash. They're from a set I paid £1.25 for in a sale according to the label- bargain!

I've just shown Maggie the completed page and she seems happy with it, especially the backing paper, so I'm going to sleep tonight as a contented girl whose had a marvellous crafty day with some sunshine, exercise and definitely fresh air. I'm off to have more fresh air now as I take the dogs for their last walk of the day.
Take care out there


  1. Where is the page then to share? I want to see lovely maggies drawing. C xxx

  2. Oops, yes, typical me; getting so carried away with the typing that I forgot to show what I was actually talking about! About to rectify the situation now :-)

  3. Which very nicely reminds me that I need to do a page this week.....umm...what photo to scrap I wonder?


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