Sunday, 22 April 2012

Versatile blogger award

I'm not impressed. I spent over two hours doing this post yesterday and I even had the email on hand to send to the award recipients to spread the joy. I put it on schedule but I tried to look at it on my phone, whilst I was out this afternoon  but it's not here. It almost ruined my afternoon. I'm off now to try to find/recover it.
Thankfully I did have a lovely afternoon despite this potential nightmare.


  1. Oh bless you Diane... Hope it gets better for you. C xxx

  2. That's a shame! I scheduled a post for today, for the first time, as we had a weekend away and mine was there! I expect it was something very simple, a button you didn't click on maybe? It should be saved as a draft on your dashboard though (hopefully). Hope you find it :)

  3. I've done loads of scheduled posts before but I've realised part of the problem was that I only saved it; I didn't publish it. Hence it was only a draft and then when I was out in the afternoon, only using my phone, without my glasses, I've touched the screen in the wrong place and pressed 'delete' rather than 'edit'. I'm leaving some time before I do a much much quicker version of the post and then move on with my life :-) We all have things that happen like that but that doesn't make them any less extremely infuriating. Hey ho!


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