Sunday, 8 April 2012

New napkin holder

Hello there

A quick post for now. I've done the latest model of napkin holder today. A spring theme of course and it matches the placemats I've made recently - post to follow.

They are made from a 12 x 12in cardstock and scored with the help of my Ultimate Pro. To allow for the amount of napkins I put in, the height is 6.5cm/2.5in. The base is 17.5cm square or 6 & seven eighths dependant on which measurements you like.

I used the 'Walk in my Garden' Cricut cartridge for the die cuts. I used some left over fabric flowers that I used on my placemats. The centre point feature on the Cricut is excellent for this sort of fabric, as I was able to select a flower on the fabric and then cut (shadow 'daisy2'- page 85 of the booklet) the daisy shape around that flower; so you get a flower within a flower shape - love it! The yellow daisies were created with Cricut craftroom software to make the border. There is actually a border feature key on the cartridge but I needed mine to be straight and not slighty crooked as with the set border included. Since I had cut out the 'fillers' for the daisy2, I had some left over little orange circles, so I put them on the inside of the border and it's great (I.M.H.O) as I've now got little white daisies there.

Note to self- remember to cut the semi-circle cut away at the front of the box, BEFORE glueing it together!!

The little mini-egg cakes were a little idea of mine to decorate the dining room for the occasion of an Easter meal with friends.

Take care out there

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