Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Wednesday mini-challenge

Hello there

Oh boy, what a day! I found out this morning about the challenge theme for today's mini-challenge over on The Crafty Network's Facebook page. You had to create something handmade related to St.George's Day, which is on Monday 23rd. It doesn't have to be something made on the day but since I don't have anything I've made that is remotely linked to St. George, I had no choice but to make something off spec.
Thankfully I had some material to hand which I think worked a treat. The white material is up-cycled from a valance which is too small for my current bed.
I had to hand-cut the crown, as none of my Cricut cartridges have a crown which I think is suitable to cut material with. I thought of it too late to add one to the placemat as well as the coaster but since I used the same material for the crown as I did for the cross, I think that blends them both nicely. The back of the coaster is the same material as I made the bias binding with.

This is the photo I entered into the challenge. Even this was difficult to decide which one to show.

You have to get your entries in before midnight and I posted mine at 11, so I'm mighty chuffed. I haven't taken the dogs for their evening walk tonight but hopefully they'll forget about that very quickly. Considering that I woke up this morning with no idea that I'd be entering this challenge, I am very pleased with the outcome. I didn't actually start doing it until this afternoon.

I completed the challenge for a few reasons. One of those reasons is because I thought it was good for me to do something quickly. If I start making these for a business, I may well get a customer who needs her/his order rather quickly, so I wanted to see what I could achieve under pressure. I will make five more of both and use them myself at home. There'll only be Maggie and I here on the Monday but I still think they'll be good for all the Jubilee celebrations that are going on.

Wish me luck and take care out there

Date of writing - 18th April 2012

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