Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Lemon meringue pie - not cake!

Hello there

Now then. Should I start this post in a very confident tone or not?... mmmm.. not sure that's wise after my last 'lemon' adventure. In the oven as I type is a lemon meringue pie. It's got about ten minutes left to bake. Fingers crossed I've got this right.

I have to give a big thanks to my friend Jane who saw my last lemon post and took pity on me. She gave me a copy of a recipe from a very old (1976 published) Marks and Spencer book. That's the recipe I've used. Hey, that's handy! If it has all gone wrong, I can blame Jane!! Works for me! :-)

Poses are always necessary with Maggie :-)
Everything went smoothly on the whole, other than Maggie and I getting in each other's way regularly. We had to nip to Asda whilst we waited for the pastry to rest as I don't have a flan dish nor enough eggs. I've gone through quite a few eggs this week.

The moment of truth has arrived. It looks fine although I'd rather it was more golden. We did have caster sugar sprinkled over the top and the oven was on 140c as instructed. I turned it up after the set time to 165c for ten minutes but still no golden. I could do with one of those gas burner thingies which chefs use at times like this.

We'll see what it actually tastes like at tea time.

Take care out there.

Date of writing = April 3rd 2012


  1. If looks are anything to go by it looks very edible :)

  2. It did taste great and I'm about to see what some crafty friends think as I'm off now, with meringue in tow, to join them for some craft therapy :-)


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