Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A new baby is born

Hello there
Yes, Bentley Blackwell is now on this earth with us all - let's hope it's a pleasant world for him to live in. Megan gave birth on March 23rd at 1p.m New Zealand time. 8lb12oz is no mean feat either, so well done Megan! All are apparently doing well and settling into a whole new routine.
I should've made a card weeks ago but I've had an awful cold for two weeks, so I struggled to do any crafting other than the night out at Jackie's house when I did the canvas. As ever, it took me ages to decide on the design. I thought I was doing well on Sunday night, when I looked through some magazines and chose a card I liked but then yesterday, I had to change my mind as the card I wanted had a scalloped shape with holes in and I don't have anything to create that effect although a couple of images on some of my Cricut cartridges would've done but I decided to just stick with the circular shape. I looked through loads of cartridges and tried a couple of things which I didn't like, so time just disappeared yesterday as well.

Then, all of a sudden, I had it! That's it! That's the one I'm going to do! The inspiration was the image in the cartridge booklet, so I ran with that idea. The little sweet house with a heart on and flowers in the window is just so idyllic and yet childlike, so I thought it was excellent for a new baby card, as I'm sure Megan and Leyton's house is full of love and happiness right now as well.

I cut the circle card base from the cards function on Sweet Treats cartridge- I used fit to page on a 12 x 12 card. The house is on page 29 of Create a Critter booklet - you use the accessory function key. I used Cricut Craft Room to make sure that my sizes were all correct for laying onto the card base, so I'm not sure what size everything was. The flowers in the window are on page 69 of the Create a Critter booklet; I only glued the bottom of them, so they actually look slightly 3D which is great.

The flag is on page 28 of Create a Critter but the word was my own idea; yes, me with a good idea - very strange :-) I had considered putting Bentley's name on the flag and allsorts of things, then it came to me in a flash of inspiration again; the word 'joy' is highly relevant and fit in nicely using CCR and it's a word on the same cartridge - page 73 but I amended it by putting a circle from Plantin School book in the 'o' and then I cut a heart from there too to use instead; which was genius in my eyes.

Then I inked the edges of everything and glued it all on; including a button for the door knob, which I had tried to re-colour with some ink but not exactly successfully. Whilst waiting for the glue to dry, I got the stamping bits lined up ready. These are a very new addition to my stash and they're fantastic but I'm not great with them yet as I find the borders of the letters make it difficult for me to line them up properly, despite me doing several practise stamps of these whilst I was waiting for the glue. That's probably why they were dirt cheap.

I stamped the word 'joy' onto the envelope too and I'll put it in the post this afternoon and schedule this post for a week's time, to give the card time to arrive at it's destination.

I love the way I did the flag sign but I do think it needs a picket fence or something running horizontally across the card. I must search out my cartridges to see if there's something I can use as a fence in one of them but for now...

take care out there

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