Monday, 2 April 2012

Where's my mojo?

Hello there

I'm struggling as it feels like my mojo has taken a very long flight away from me and left me in the land of no creativity or drive. I haven't been able to craft all weekend and it's difficult either way as my craft room is the visitor room and we've had Chris's daughter with us for two weeks, so I can't use it. I've been using the kitchen table. Excuses, excuses, I hear all those of you who have to craft at the kitchen table all the time, shout at me. It's also half term, so my daughter is around so I feel a need to do at least one or two things a day with her; we went shopping for sandals today; unsuccessfully.

Ok excuses over, for now. I'll have my craft room back from tomorrow evening, so I better sort myself out or I'll get no sympathy; or should that say, less sympathy than ever?!

Today I've tried to seize my motivation back and started cutting out material to make some more placemats. I cut the spotty material 13 inches by 10 and the wadding was cut at marginally larger than that, just because that's how I like to do it.

Then to attack the bias strips for the binding. I looked at far too many youtube videos on a possibly more effective way of cutting the strips but I stuck with the old favourite as my head wasn't working and did I mention; my lack of motivation? :-) In very simple terms, I cut a square of fabric and then create a triangle. With the longest edge horizontal to you, cut the piece in half vertically. With the triangle on the right, create vertical strips the same width as you require your strips (mine were 2in) and then repeat that for the left hand side triangle.

I really need a full size self-healing mat as trying to cut with a rotary cutter with only a small one is rather fiddly to say the least and dangerous, as the cut on my forefinger will vouch for. I've only recently started using the cutter instead of scissors, so there's another purchase I need to make.

Alfie is wondering what on earth I am up to now
I then sewed the strips together and I now have a very long piece ready to be made into binding.

I don't have a bias maker either, so that's always fun. If I do decide to do more of these, I really will have to buy either the hand ones or a proper Simplicity bias binding machine, as there is a model which helps with covering piping too - they look like great tools.

I feel better just for writing this post actually. Wording the process I've been through has given me direction/hope in some way. I might even be winding my mojo back home.

Take care

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