Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Card for Chris

Hello there

It's that time of year again when Chris ages one more year. That's right; it's his birthday. Chris is my partner for the record. He's a nightmare to make a card for or buy a present for. He's so blinkin' fussy. Just take my word for it.
I decided to make him a card with this plane decoupage on it, as he used to love watching planes in his youth and I have a kit with lots of images suitable for men, so suited this situation just fine.
I had some trouble with the foam 'serendipity' thickers. On a baby card I've done recently, I also used them but on that card, I mixed the stamp pad ink with water on the craft mat first before applying the colour with a brush. I can only pray that the ink on those letters stays on, as I've posted it now.
On this one I just rubbed the stamp pad across the letters in the name of experimentation.
I noticed whilst getting the envelope sorted out that the ink came off on my fingers, even after quite some time. I wasn't sure what to do about the issue and since I had already adhered the letters to the card I emailed May Flaum, as my BPC teacher, for suggestions on what to do. She suggested using Glossy accents to trap the colour in. I did that and of course it worked a treat - thanks May!
They look much glossier and more intense colour than
 this in real life, which is good
May has shown allsorts of inking and colouring methods during class, so I'm glad I've been playing around with doing the same thing and even think like that when buying things. For example these thickers. Normally I would've chosen the coloured ones but instead, I bought the white ones as I thought they'd be great for colouring whatever colour I need for the project.
Take care out there

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