Sunday, 1 April 2012

Lemon meringue cake - not pie!

Hello there
Yes, I've been baking again. Well, I have to really. I'm practising making this today with the idea that I can make it again next week for friends who are coming here for dinner. I had intended on making lemon meringue pie but couldn't find a recipe in our books, so I chose this as it looks yummy in Nigella's 'Feast' book.
I wrote that paragraph yesterday- March 31st 2012.

I'm writing this section, post baking. The good news is that I made my own lemon curd for the cake. No it isn't an April Fool's joke :-) The smell of lemons was very refreshing throughout the house and I did feel a sense of achievement as I think it turned out well and is really very easy.
My attempt at an 'arty' shot which is hard when the windows aren't
exactly spotless and the fence there is falling down closer to the house :-) The rock is
a dessert rose, Chris bought back from Morocco this month.

It's now post the baking and there's not any good news about the cake I'm afraid. I took loads of photos at each stage, with the intention of doing a photo heavy post but I'm not going to bother. The sponge in the middle didn't cook properly, so I suspect I needed to put the oven on a lower temperature and cook it for longer. It's a sandwich cake with meringue on the outer and sponge in the centre, sandwiched with lemon curd and cream.
Chris's daughter eat a good slice, bless her and said she'd finish it off. I just didn't like the mixture of sponge with meringue.

They can't all be winners although Nigella clearly has success with it and likes it.
Sufficive to say, I won't be making this next weekend. I'll probably end up buying something in as I want to make something much more fun for the meal. View my next posting for details :-)

Take care out there


  1. I'm sure if I could eat meringue and if I like lemon curd it would be very yummy!

  2. I'm sure if I could eat lemon I'd love it! It looks delish. x PS ta for visiting my blog the other day, feels really nice when I get more than 2 readers (ie. my sister and my Petals business partner) ;-D Nx

  3. No problems Nik - keep at it! Check your stats and that'll give you a boost as it's amazing as to how many people might be viewing your blog from allsorts of places like I've got viewers from S.Korea, Canada and Russia today. Don't bother with Feedjit - I don't find that it's results match Blogger Stats. Just because people don't leave comments, doesn't mean nobody's reading your page. Good luck! :-)

  4. I love lemon curd and that bit looks like it turned out ok? Thanks for popping over to my blog. Unfortunately I can't remember what the font was. Something like 'creative girl' but not sure. I chose it because I liked the relaxed, creative idea of it! I must do a bit more with folksy, I only have two items on there and they have been there for a long while. It's on my 'to do' list! Good luck with your meal.


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