Sunday, 15 September 2013


Hello there

Inspired? Oh yes, Cynthia Frenette has a lovely blog and recently she posted about some placemats she had made using an Urban Threads design pack. I was drawn to it by a posting UT did on their Facebook page. She's mega talented and was very helpful indeed when I emailed her about her project. 

I've managed to get a little practise run at this, whilst I wait for the Madeira metallic thread and Schmetz metallic needles to arrive and I love it!! 

The machine in full flow doing what it does best. I have just used my Mettler Polysheen thread 1903 and 1902 (red) to do this practise but I'm pleased enough with this even.

Now to see if I can make six placemats before Friday night, as I'm doing the Craft Fayre on the Saturday. I'm not optimistic really but even if I just have one completed one and 5 partially done ones, I will still take them along incase anyone takes a fancy to them there.
If you live nearby, nip in and give me a confidence boost and see what other great handmade projects you can find there too.


I just love the detail on the handles

I think I'm going to just do this on each placemat, as I'm concerned if I do a patchwork plate section like Cynthia's, that the cost of them will rise too much and discourage people. I think to start off that's a wise idea but we'll see what potential customers have to say.

Right, I'm off on a mission. 

Take care out there.


  1. What a stunning design Diane, looks amazing. I hope you manage to find some peace and relaxation time between your fair preparations this week. Will be thinking of you sweetie.
    Huge hugs x

  2. WOW those handles ARE stunning aren't they? Fabulous work! I know that the machine does the work but you are the power behind it...amazing work my lovely! WIll be thinking of you this week and hoping that you get some time to relax xxxxx


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