Sunday, 22 September 2013

One down

Hello there

This is an update for Dawn, who is one of my avid commentators on here :-)

The craft fayre is all done and dusted. It went really well from what I can tell from the other stall holders, as there was regular footfall. 

Mr Owl managed to make it out of the tree unharmed Dawn! :-)

I need quite a bit of work on presentation though.

Cathy Bown took these photos, so that she could give them for the Church magazine. She did a very good job of advertising the event, hence there were much more people than had been to previous events apparently. I also had my laptop on there showing the slideshow for a while but because my table was in the middle of the room, I couldn't have power for it.

Those brooches are Polly's who had agreed to share the table
with me but unfortunately Polly has had a very busy
time lately and was ill today, so hadn't had time to do anything else.
That's probably a good job as my stuff was taking up so much room.

The weather stayed dry and actually quite warm too, so I think that helps to get people out and about. 

The chalkboards were fab and again, belong to Polly but I would love to get some like that and have them stood up properly. I also think that I should've taken the place-mats out of the ribbon wrapping, so that people could see them properly and touch them. I did take a couple of bags with me too but because I didn't have anything to hang them from, they almost went unnoticed. 

I sold two portable coaster sets and got an order for the red polka dot place-mat set but the customer wants mauve polka dots instead. I'm chuffed to bits about that. It probably doesn't sound brilliant but it was a good experience for my first craft fayre and I'm left feeling positive about the whole thing. Everyone was very friendly, especially Catherine Wood who was also very helpful and kept me chatting when we had quiet times.

A few people took my new business cards too - super cool ones from with various photos of my products on the back of each one.

Last night I looked for a banner and avatar to use for my newly set up Etsy store, as Folksy doesn't seem anywhere near as popular and Etsy have sorted out the currency issue, which put me off last year. I've also set up a Facebook page or ' A place to Set' which is what I've gone to now as a business name. It's not ready to be promoted yet but it's all a work in progress.

Onwards and upwards.

Take care out there


  1. I was wondering how you got on sweetie! You had a good start!!!! I would fully recommend you take some samples out of your boxes so that people can see them though. xxx

  2. Awe bless, I adore that owl Diane, he is soooooo gorgeous. Ha ha ha I hope your apple is safe!! Thanx for the update, was thinking of you sweetie, fab news on the purchases and order, how brilliant for you. I agree with Mrs G, its defo worth making some dedicated display sets as what you are selling is so tactile. Ha ha ha I like a good feel before I buy lol.
    Huge hugs x x x x


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