Monday, 9 September 2013

Everybody loves bunting

Hello there

Well, well, that was a weekend and a half! On Friday I did alot of work on 'the business' side of things. That basically means that I finished off a couple more sets of portable coasters and then I created a slideshow ready for my first craft fayre. I spent alot of time on the slideshow and then went for dinner. 'Why is that relevant to me?' I can almost hear you thinking. Well, if you'll bare with me, the relevance is that I left the computer for about half an hour. Upon my return it had decided to seize working completely! That was not satisfactory in the slightest and not part of my evening plans of relaxation.

I do hope that you realise that last sentence was stated in such a way as to disguise my complete and utter outrage, fury, annoyance at the stupid computer for doing such a thing to me!!!

Ooops, I let the cat out of the bag!

On Friday night I went out to a work get together and had more wine than I should have, as I was rather wound up about the computer.

Saturday saw me at the amazing building which is Liverpool Central Library; if you're close enough and like that sort of thing, get yourself in there. It's only been re-opened for a couple of months and yet still has much of it's old character but now mixed with very modern, open space. I was there to take part in an Enterprise Nation Startup Saturday event. The link I've provided you with there, takes you to watch a youtube video of Emma Jones and gang telling what that event is all about. I'll tell more another day; so you'll jolly well just have to come back to my blog to find out, hee hee.


When I got home it was straight out with the dogs for a walk and then to a community barbecue and to a friend's to warm up afterwards, as it was rather cold!

Sunday morning saw me in Liverpool again but with my daughter this time, as I just knew she'd love the library and I was right, oh and of course I had to go to Abakhan whilst I was there; surely you understand my reasoning! Library/fabric store - clearly an obvious link! :-)

Now the even better bit. 

Sunday afternoon saw me, with the help of a friend, fix my computer and actually save my slideshow. It's not a straightforward story but hey, you just want the good news surely! 

I also got to finish off the bunting for my stall at the craft fair on September 21st. A good way to end a very busy weekend. Bunting has a feel good factor all of it's own.

Take care out there and feel free to swear at your computer when it misbehaves! Before you do that though, BACK UP to a separate drive! 


  1. Darned computers!!!! They are great until they go wrong!!!!! Yu have reminded me that I am due to do a back up so a BIG thank you my lovely :D Love your bunting...sooo pretty xxx

  2. Gorgeous bunting sweetie, looks amazing hanging up and it will be brilliant on your stand. B******s to pesky computers that crash on you ha ha ha ha ha, mine has been called every rude and naughty word I know (way too many sadly!!), not in front of the children of course, lol I get properly told off by Millie if I slip so I daren't anyway!!!!
    Huge hugs x


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