Monday, 16 September 2013

This way or that?

Hello there

 A quickie post to show you a little bag I've made tonight for the craft fayre. I've made it as a bag for taking the dogs for a walk, as it's an across the body bag, which is easily accessible to get all your stuff in and out of, whilst the dogs faff around. It's reversible too, so you can change it every walk if you like. I've made it very straightforward so that I can keep the cost of it low.

Would you prefer to have it this way?
Maggie likes this side

Or possibly you're more of a polka dot kinda gal?
I prefer this side

Either way, I've had fun making it tonight; inside, away from the awful downpours we're having regularly at the moment, which do not make dog walks alot of fun. I definitely need to make one of these bags out of oilcloth and with a sealed top for winter walks! 

Take care out there and try to stay dry if you're having downpours where you live

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