Friday, 20 September 2013

Would you believe it?!

Hello there

Yes, you should believe it. I've only gone and actually finished the placemat and coasters set, I mentioned five days ago here on my blog. It's taken many hours to achieve this but hallelujah, I did it! 

I'm going to have to do the place-mats using a non-binding method, as this increases the cost of the place-mats, as it takes so long to firstly make it and then to hand sew the back of it in place. Each place-mat takes a minimum of an hour to make.

I might not be a fan of the binding but I do love the polka dot fabric I got from Grace and Favour up in Thornton Cleveleys. You may remember it's the same fabric as the bag I made on Monday night.

I made the coasters the usual way I do; without binding! I like the red stitching round the edge although that photo doesn't do it justice at all.

I can't wait for summer to come round again, so this table can be used for more than photo shoots. I know it's only just Autumn but I'm definitely a hot summer kinda gal.

Nero was getting really fed up of me taking
photos of the table and not of him

Now for the craft fayre tomorrow. I'm not expecting to be able to sell the place-mat sets there, as I think people there will be looking for cheaper stuff but my business cards are here, I've got quite a few sets of the portable coasters, two bags and the owl I made on holiday earlier this year. There's also the bunting I can use to decorate the stand or the hall with and I even bought a notebook to use as an order book! So fingers crossed for a positive experience even if not a big sales day. It's all about people getting used to the idea of the portable coasters and what I can do and it's about me getting used to promoting what I make.

Final word is from the owl;
Or maybe not as he's too interested in that apple still left on my Katy tree.

Take care out there


  1. Noooooooooo don't let him nick your apple!!!!!!!
    Gorgeous as he is I would fight ha ha ha!
    Your place-mats and coasters are superb sweetie, I adore the polka dot fabric too, perfect finish my lovely. How did the fayre go??????
    Huge hugs x x x x

  2. Come back tomorrow Dawn to find out! :-) xx


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