Sunday, 1 September 2013

I beat the deadline

Hello there

Just a quick post as I managed to get a scrapbook page done last night. Now that in itself is a bit of an achievement, as I'm just not managing to get any done lately. It's also an achievement as I created it from inspiration from Catherine's August August sketch challenge. It's September today of course, so I only just made it. July's was completely missed by me unfortunately.
That's not a good photo of it but it'll have to do I'm afraid as Catherine will post about her September sketch today, so I'll have to seize the moment and try to do that today. Last of August, first of September. We'll see.

Dawn - sorry the photos of the Dalek aren't very big in the layout, I'll try to get time late on to just add a photo of that for you in full size.

Where it says Snugbury's on the layout is actually a tag attached to the hidden journalling section and where I've sneakily added yet another photo without ruining the actual layout. I needed to write a fair amount for this trip, so I thought it best out of the way; there's more writing on the back of this tag.

Take care out there and go look at 'Dalicks' in a field if you can :-)


  1. So impressed with your layout, so speedy too. Sewing, scrapbooking, blogging - better put your feet up today. Superwoman! xx

    1. Naaa, if I don't craft, I come out in a rash! :-) xxx

  2. Awe thank-you Diane, what a fab scrap page too. I love your colour choices, they really complement your photos, fab job sweetie.
    Ha ha ha I could live with one of those in my back garden!!!!!!!! and maybe David Tennant too!!!
    Huge hugs x


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