Sunday, 9 June 2013

This is my kinda housework

Hello there

I've been tidying up! Aren't I a good girl? :-)

Maybe not as good as all that, as all I've tidied up are some paper pieces from my desk.

I told you in yesterday's post about a little pile I still had left of a digi kit I had printed. 
Well this morning I have put them to good use and no longer have any left.

I got the last piece into the inside of this card

Couldn't resist the opportunity to use some spray
to create another circle on the envelope 

Tidier desk; time spent enjoying myself and two pretty cards at the ready = RESULT!

Take care out there 

p.s. I got 51 views on my blog yesterday. It might not sound alot to many of you but it's brilliant for me. Many of them were from some site called, so I can only hope that Russian site/company is a reputable one!
I often don't share the cards I make these days as it just adds too much time onto the actual making of the cards themselves but I hope that someone out there enjoys seeing a few occasionally.


  1. I like the colour combo - and well done you on doing all that *ahem* housework! x

  2. ARGH!!!!! you mentioned that word and I thought you were going to show us a pic of your hoover hahahaha!!!!! Its always satisfying to use up odd bits of paper. I always put them in a drawer and then promptly forget them...not good for me! ou have made a lovely couple of cards there my lovely xxx


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