Saturday, 29 June 2013

My Mags

Hello there

My Mags is my daughter; Maggie. She's been an absolute treasure this past week when I've been feeling low. She's had two days off school too what with a strike and then an INSET day. Chris has been away, so it's been just the two of us. She's been happy to help me do jobs around the house, cried with me watching 'Up' and walked in the rain taking the dogs. She's such a life source sometimes. I can talk to her and i know there's a definite way forward.

Today I went to a local craft shop who are having  a 50% sale. I managed to get a few bargains; one of which was a stencil of sun rays, which I've been after for a long while and always struggle with the cost of them i.e validating the cost. This was £5 at half price, so I can live with that. I wanted to play, so I went to one of my journals, mixed some matte medium with some SU daffodil delight re-inker and splodged it over the stencil. I did some extra brushing to make the ends more frayed than angled. I wanted to also try misting through it, so I jolly well did! :-) I did it in a way which brings the two pages together. I then found some bits off my desk to use. I decided to try inking inside an embossing folder again, as I'd tried that at Catherine's house on Wednesday but failed miserably. It worked a treat today thankfully. I used my heat gun over the edges of some white spider's web to make it wrinkly and then rubbed a distress ink pad over it to get the colour I wanted.

A bit of journalling and doodling and job's a good 'un! 

These sorts of pages are a mixture of me messing about with stuff I want to and me releasing feelings. I have to have enough time and inclination to do them but I do love it when I do. This came together very quickly, so that made me happy too.

Whilst doing that I was also helping Maggie to do a sketch book she's making ready for a trip she's taking with school to Vienna. She's getting really into it, so we're having fun together doing that.

That image is a sellotape transfer of a printed image.
She'd done something similar in school and
wanted to try it - we're both really chuffed
with how it turned out.

I know I promised a final post about my patchwork cushion cover but I haven't actually managed to get it done yet, as I needed to go and get the backing fabric today, so it'll happen and you'll be the first to know :-)

In the meantime, take care out there.

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  1. Hi sweetheart, really sorry that you have been so low. Just wish I was closer to give you a hug. What a star your Mags is. We are both very lucky with our daughters I think. Fabulous pages and I can't believe that a stencil could be £10, so ridiculous! HUGS xxx


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