Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Sunning myself

Hello there/ Ola!

Yes I've been to sunny Spain! Majorca infact and yes, I did have a lovely time and really didn't want to come back at all but back I am. I'm finding it hard getting back into routine, especially of crafting but I've managed to get some done today, albeit a small amount. 
Whilst I was away, I got started on a kit I had bought by Corinne Lapierre - a very cute owl cushion.
This is the photo I put on Facebook
as I felt so content just sat there
sewing the decorative pieces in the sun
Crafting in the sun is really something I should do more of. That means sewing as trying to do paper crafting outside would involve far too much carrying around and paper flying all over the place in the slightest breeze.
I did the sewing in Majorca on our balcony and had a gorgeous view of people by the pool and then out to the lake. A very happy, relaxed, warm feeling to the whole experience.

I had bought the kit in the knowledge that it was going on this holiday with me and luckily a few weeks earlier, I had re-found a portable sewing kit. This had everything in it from scissors to buttons and the pincushion, so very handy indeed for this purpose.

I finished him off today and because he was mainly created in the sun, I took him outside for his photo and very happy he was too :-)
I'm sure I'm going to make more of these owl cushions, as I'll give them as birthday presents for my daughter's friends. It's incredibly easy to make and now I have the template, I can make him in any colours I like. The kit gives you everything you need to make him, even a needle. I added some more stuffing into mine though to give him a more rounded feel. The only change I feel I'd like to make in the future, would be to make the stuffing as a separate cushion inside and make a resealable opening, so that the cushion could be washed more easily. We'll see.
Cute little turned over ears
Even though this owl is a kit, everytime you make one, I'm sure they could have their own little identity, dependent on the fabrics used and exact placement of the pattern pieces. Another alteration I felt I could make, would be to add buttons into the centre of those 6 circles along his base or even replace them with large buttons. I have buttons on the brain at the minute as I bought a lovely pack when I went to Range a couple of weeks ago :-)

Take care out there and try some blanket stitch; it's great therapy :-)

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  1. Twit Twoooooooo!!!!! How cute is your owl!!!!! He will look lovely nestled in with your patchwork cushions :D xxx


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