Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Little monkey

Hello there

Yesterday was my eldest nephew's birthday, so I had wanted to scrap him in a page (that sounds painful and slightly illegal :-) )

First issue was that the layout I was following was Catherine's Moments and memories June layout and I didn't feel inspired to just use the one photo I had in mind at the time, so I got distracted - I know, I hear you; what Diane? Distracted? Never!! :-)

Second issue was that three photos of his younger brother took my attention from the same holiday and I thought they'd fit on the layout well. I was tired after being awake since 3.30 and at work for eight hours from 6am, so I just had to run with it.

I did most of it last night but was called away for our get-together movie watching of Madagascar 3 on Sky premiere. I'm sure it is a great film but I was sat in the most uncomfortable seat (well, the pouffe to be exact) and was falling asleep, so I gave up after half an hour. I finished the page off this morning.

I always have remnants of stuff on my desk and the dark blue card just happened to be one of them, which goes perfectly with Owen's t-shirt and the green polka dot paper was a spare on the top of one of my paper pads. A few die-cuts from Cricut Craftroom basics cartridge and some leaves leftover from some cards I made recently and I was done.

I used the cut-offs from the main photo to hide the
gaps at the top and bottom of the vertical blue panel.
I like this!
I used the negative from the star cuts as a
stencil to improve the backing paper.
I also used that ink on the journalling patch,
which is photo paper that was sitting on my desk
The page, as ever, has much better colour than these photos, so I'm rather happy and I hope that Catherine likes that I've used her layout as inspiration. I'm crafting with her tonight, so I'll soon find out :-)

Take care out there and enjoy your moments and memories, whilst I go off to do some housework and then try this layout with two photos I've now decided to try with my eldest nephew.

I also need to find time to watch Madagascar 3 but I'll have to watch it alone now! :-)


  1. AWE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he looks so cute!!!!! WAKEY WAKEY!!!! hahahaha xxx

  2. Looks fab Diane. Love the stars and the fun photos ... Funny how we get distracted isn't it!?!
    Thanks for joining in with the sketch!
    C xxx


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