Wednesday, 26 June 2013


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For the ones of you out there with good memories, unlike my good self, you will know that I had been creating patchwork squares not so long ago. I haven't forgotten about these; well how could I, when the pieces of the last one have been lying on my desk tormenting me?! 

Today I've decided to get back to that cushion cover project and finish the last block. It's called a Temperance block in America and since that's where the presenter; Kaye England, of the Craftsy class I signed up for, comes from, that's exactly what I know it as. If any British patch-workers know it as something else, please do enlighten me.

The letter T's are fairly obvious and they clearly symbolize the Temperance movement initial letter. I can reassure them that no alcohol was consumed during the making of this block. Although if you saw the back of this block you may argue that I'm lying, as it's far from perfect but my excuse for that is that I was taking part in a webchat with Enterprise Nation and 1&1 at the same time, so clearly not concentrating properly on the task in hand. Smack hand for me! :-)

I used my Husqvarna Viking H/class 600E for this though - my poor old machine is sitting unused at the side of my desk. I had a problem with the scissors button not working at one point but that was quickly resolved when I called their customer services and spoke to Hayley West who suggested that I take the base plate off and just check that it was clear of any obstructions. I did that and watched what actually happened when I pressed the scissor button and it worked perfectly. I then put everything back in place and tried it after sewing and again, it worked fine. Hayley clearly has powers beyond her phone voice :-)
I am very impressed with their customer service so far; it's wonderful to have easy access to a British person, who can help with any problems I face. It's all very intuitive though, so I have little to cope with, although I did manage to break a needle the other day and had a dippy fit but it was resolved quickly (they provide spare needles with the machine) and I'm 100% sure that it was a user error which caused that to happen.
These are my very first designs I've embroidered. It's so
easy to move designs on the screen, so that you
make the very best use of the space you have available

Just look at the fab texture you can create with some
stitches it does
Keep an eye out for my next post which hopefully will show you the completed cushion cover.

Take care out there

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