Friday, 24 May 2013


Hello there 

I did it! Just in time too. I'm even pretty happy with it. 

Please see my last post in order to explain how this page came into being - check it out

I made a writing error with the journalling but I don't have
time to deal with that but everything else
went really well

I forgot to mention that I got some new buttons too yesterday, so I had to use them as well. 

I loved using the hole screw tool to make holes all over the place, especially down the side of the page, as I thought of threading ribbon through it and the ribbon matches the ribbons on their medals in the photo. Rather pleased about that quick thinking.

The layout design from Catherine's blog, led me to have to put ribbons or equivalent down from the journalling, although in the layout, the photo was meant to go there. It now makes the journalling look a bit like a rosette, which is very apt for the subject matter. 

Go check the layout out for yourself and perhaps give it a go - don't forget to tell Catherine as she loves to see how other people interpret her designs.

I'm so pleased I achieved this goal I set myself tonight and with such success. I've still got lots of things left from the printouts I did, so I see me doing some cards or another layout with photos from that holiday, another day. 

I'm off on this current holiday now. I'm taking a craft project with me, so keep an eye out incase I get round to finishing it and blogging about it.

In the meantime, take care out there and 'live more, laugh often and love much'

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