Saturday, 22 September 2012

Points of interest

Hello there

I made the card shown out of stuff lying around my table. You may well recognise the papers which have still not all been used up; they're from the December issue 15 of Craftseller 2012. The little embellishments are what was left of a frame I cut out recently from Ornamental Iron2. The leaves behind the 'for you' image are also remains of some I used recently- they were cut from Plantin School book. The 'for you' stamped image is one I got from what was meant to be a craft and chat session at a friends house on Tuesday but I just wasn't up to crafting, so I just pinched another friend's SU stamps and made some images to use later. So there one of them is. The little dots were created with Cosmic Shimmer acrylic glue. I ordered some in different colours this week, as I love the way Sue from particraft always uses them to make swirls and purely decorate her work. I created a scalloped edge for extra detail. In my humble opinion, you would never know that this was put together purely using my creative flow with bits off my desk.

Go on, I dare you; use your creative flow and use up some leftovers whilst you're at it!

This brings me nicely onto my first point of interest, which is that Cricut have now got an EU Facebook page. They've only got 107 likes at the moment so head over there if you're in Europe of course, as we may well get some prizes and deals which we can actually participate in, rather than it all be America based and out of our reach. I sent them a copy of this card, which they immediately shared with everyone, which made me happy.

Another point of interest is that for the first time ever I listened to a paperclipping transmission. For those who don't know, this is a radio type talk show with artists and crafters alike discussing a different topic each time. This talk was all about how you organise yourself to create; how do you remember to make a page about somethings; how do you deal with photos? It's very amateurish as when a guest speaks, they can't hear the other guests and presenter, so they often talked over each other, which I found highly irritating. Each guest is on the phone doing the interview; not in the studio.It's very indepth and in my opinion, it went on for far too long but still interesting to hear how other people sort themselves out. Head over there and see what you think. May Flaum was involved which is what got my initial interest but she wasn't at her best in the environment. Ali Edwards and Heidi Swapp are in a more current one, so maybe somebody who inspires you will be involved in one of them.

Very nice packages to receive and yes,
that is the brand new SU magazine full
of goodies plus the inks which
I'm going to have great fun with :-)

Another great crafty event for me this week was yesterday when the postman delivered these goodies.

Take care out there

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