Saturday, 8 September 2012

Rainbow cake

Hello there

A very quick post to tell you about the rainbow cupcakes my daughter and I made today. It was a practise session for the birthday cake she'd like to have. To find the recipe itself, go to my pinterest board and in the baking ideas you'll be able to click back to the recipe. It's really easy  other than when you put the mix into the cupcakes, as that's quite fiddly. Try to ensure that your mixture drops from the spoon when picked up, as it needs to be easy enough to move around within the cupcake cases.

I used food colour pastes for the first time and the intensity is far greater than the liquids I've used in the past; which is just the ticket for this rainbow cake. We had fun in a 'new to us' shop looking at a whole range of baking and crafty stuff. The shop is called Wyndsor's in Warrington. There's a little cafe there too but that was shut at 4.30 when we got there. It was also a shame that the staff weren't particularly helpful yet there seemed to be loads of them but none even said hello.

Maggie pointing out that she's also wearing
her colourful hand made tie-dye
t-shirt, so in keeping with the theme

Take care out there

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  1. I wanna rainbow cake !!!!!!!!! please ?!!!

    They look fantastic ! Well done to you both xx


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