Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Alcohol to spray

Hello there
I'm a happy girlie again as I bought these little beauties today - £3 for 4, so I bought 8 of course. Why? I hear you ask. Well, why not?! But why get excited about plastic bottles? Here's why:
Here's the alchohol. Not quite a bottle of wine but it's of more use to me than that. Carole Bryson Wood of Stampin' Up fame has told me how to make my own mists out of alchohol, water and re-inkers, so I'm getting all set up to start my own alchemy.

Bring it on!

Take care out there
p.s please visit  cheapfrankingmachinesupplies on ebay if you want to buy some alchohol yourself


  1. Oooh looks exciting ... Any chance you want to lend someone some of that alcohol to make a little sparkle mist?

  2. When it arrives and if a certain someone has sparkly stuff for making said sparkle mist and helps blog author to make some herself too, I'm sure a deal could be struck :-)


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