Saturday, 15 June 2013

Stitching at home

Hello there

Today's post is all about a pillow case cover I made for a friend's daughter, who's into campervans in a big way. I got the material with her in mind, as I couldn't resist. I was just going to make an ordinary cover but then I bought Mandy Shaw's book; Stitch at home and well, I had to do some applique and basic embroidery.

The front is pretty basic but it's the campervans she loves, so not much point in doing much else. 

Whereas my indulgence is on the back.

I love the projects Mandy has in this book, all with houses of various kinds involved. I used to embroider at school and did some quite detailed work for a 15 year old and loved it but I've hardly touched it for donkey's years. My stitching is far from perfect but I loved doing it and even used some embroidery threads I had already in my ancient sewing box. I'm hoping that the teenager who this is for, will like the little caravan too and I know that she likes dogs, so it should be alright. If not, she can either take it off or just always keep it on the back of the pillow. 

I'm looking forward to making more projects out of the book.

Take care out there.


  1. I know lots of people that would just adore this!!!!! Its fabulously quirky and the little van on the back is soooo cute!!!

    Now you must think I am as mad as a box of frogs...Mona did wink at me hahahaha!!!!! HUGS xxx

  2. Great project, I bet your friends daughter loves it....I know I would...Jo. X

  3. Thanks Jo and Karen. I've got some of the fabric left, so I'll make some more of these now that they seem popular. My friend's daughter did really like the little dog and caravan too, so I'm a happy girlie.


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