Saturday, 22 June 2013

My new baby

Hello there

Now I have been rather good (well, almost) and controlled my excitement about the new addition to my crafting arsenal - it's a Husqvarna Viking H/Class 600E no less! That's a sewing machine to the uninitiated amongst you :-) Well, no, that's a lie; it's an embroidery machine AND sewing machine all rolled into one AND I love it! We managed to get it for a great price on IdealWorld, which makes it even better.

I knew it was due to be delivered within 48 hours, so I got to cleaning up my room to make space for it on Thursday June 20th. Within less than a minute of Dave Koz starting to play on the cd, to accompany my cleaning up, I heard the dogs bark. When they're inside and bark, it usually means that there's someone at the door (who needs a doorbell with dogs like that in the house?!) Can you imagine the squeal when I opened the door to see a man with this large box in his arms?! It certainly woke him up! :-)

Don't worry Alfie, it won't be in the hall for long!
I then tidied up my room alot quicker than I had been doing.

Within half of hour of setting it up, I had tried out lots of different stitches -
The fonts available to this machine are limitless
as I can do any truetype fonts that my computer has
I've found it a very intuitive machine and I keep squealing with delight at different things I learn about it. More 'oo's' and 'aah's' than you can imagine.  I closed my room window, as the neighbours just don't need any more juicy gossip to spread about me! ;-)

It has great storage in both the sewing arm and the embroidery arm; it does the threading of the bobbin at the touch of a lever, without any messing about with adjusting the movement of the needle. It has the modern day features of a stop/start machine, which means no foot pedal is necessary. It cuts the thread for you when you're finished. You can make the needle stop in the up or the down position). I could go on for pages about how good it is.

I have been looking for a long time for the right machine for me and I'm convinced that I've got it now. I'm sure that it was at a reduced price as there's probably a newer version just come out. I'm not bothered about that. These days, everything is old within the year, as technology is always developing. I'm ready and willing to really get to grips with this machine. I'm also hoping it'll be my inroad into selling items. It just so happens that today, Polly (from the Saturday crafting group I went to a couple of weeks ago and mentioned here)  put on their Facebook page asking if anyone wanted to help share a table at her Church's craft fayre. I have said that I'd be interested, as it sounds the perfect opportunity to share a table and not have the daunting task of filling a whole table myself. It'll also mean that there's someone there to talk to, if I get any nasty horrible customers. It's not until September 21st and I'm sure I'll put a post on about it, so you can hear how I got on after then.

Just look at that! Yum! And look at those marvellous LED lights
making it easier to see what's going on.
I forgot to mention that it also is very easy indeed to thread, which is a joy for someone who's more than likely going to have to admit defeat and get bifocal glasses. Me? Old biddy? I'm afraid it's certainly looking like that.

Anyway, I'm actually going to stop going on about how fab this machine is now (I hope I didn't hear you cheer then! :-) ) and get on with trialling more stuff out. I'm off to get some stabiliser tomorrow, so that I can try the embroidery section again.

Take care out there


  1. ooooooh snazzy machine! enjoy playing with it!
    C xxx

  2. oooo and aaahhhh!!!!! She is certainly a beauty! I saw her demonstrated on Ideal World and it certainly is an amazing machine Diane, You will have so much fun! xxx


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