Monday, 23 July 2012

Whilst clearing my table off - setting myself a challenge

Hello there

Not long ago; last month in fact, I made a card for a new baby. Since then I've had the die-cut card base (which was too big for the envelope I made first), sitting on my table. Today I've put it to good use. I don't know anybody who is expecting a baby but who knows when I might need it in the future or someone might ask me to make a card. I'll be able to pretend that I worked long into the night to make this card in time, whereas all my readers will know different. There's nothing like putting people under a guilt trip, hee hee.
The card blank was cut from handmade paper and not really substantial enough to stand up on it's own, so I cut the back part of the card off the pram shape and then cut another card base from normal card; I used fit to page function, which cut at 7 3/4in. I glued my pink base onto that.
Unfortunately my pink card base had been stained by ink whilst sitting on my desk but I wasn't going to let that get in my way.

I cut the same image with the liner function button and used scissors to cut off the pram hood section. The paper I used has a textured look to it which is perfect for the material look I need for the pram, as the handmade pink paper also feels slightly velvety.

It's because of shapes like these that we need lots
of different types of glue
The words 'new arrival' were cut from the Wild Card cartridge too at 7in. The handmade paper does need multi-cut to be selected on the Cricut, as it's very fibrous. I'd also advice cleaning the blade afterwards and don't use a brand new cutting mat or it'll be ruined.

I love the way the blue 'pops' due to everything else
being so pink and white
The envelope was created with a piece of card measuring 28cm x 28cm using my Ultimate Pro to score the fold lines. Easy!
I've got these pieces saved from that last card too but I won't stick it to the front of the envelope until I find out who it's being used for and whether or not it'll need to go in the post or not. Until then they'll live in the envelope with the card.
I've got a few other things loitering on my table, so I'm challenging myself to make cards or scrapbook pages with them. Why don't you try it?

Take care out there

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