Friday, 27 July 2012

Using up scraps

Hello there

This week on my blog I've been writing about using scraps off my desk. These are the scraps I've used up today.
I used the flower shape, which is a residue die-cut from something or other, as a template to cut out two more of that shape and then I used my Cricut to cut out varyingly smaller versions of the daisy2 from the Walk in my Garden cartridge. The die-cut will have been about 7cm, so my other daisies were cut at sizes like 6 and 4.5.
All I did then was lay the pink chequered paper down, put a strip of coordinating card down as a bar to put my flowers onto and then layered my flowers up, put self-adhesive gems in the middle and I was almost finished.

All I added to it was a die-cut from Wild Card cartridge; cut from the same card as I used as a band for the flowers. I'm sending it to my daughter, sister, nephews, mum and step-dad as they're all together on holiday. I am definitely thinking of them and hoping that they have lovely sunshine all week, to enjoy family time.
I perhaps should've chosen a darker pink as a band for the flowers but other than that, I'm very happy with how I used those scraps up. There's still a small amount of the chequered paper left but enough is enough, I chucked those in the bin.

Take care out there


  1. Oooh I love these flowers. Very cute!

  2. Thanks Catherine. The flowers in the second photo were the ones I used on the card despite the photo making them look totally different. I hadn't noticed that before. The photography side of blogging is fun as such but I don't always have the time to perfect things. Same for most of us who aren't heavily into cameras :-)


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