Friday, 11 May 2012

A very special lady

Hello there
Quite a few people I know have birthdays in May. My mum is one of them. This year is particularly important for her though as she has a milestone birthday. She'd love for me to be able to say that she's turning 21 but I'm afraid I can't. My mum is turning 70. My two sisters and I have planned a great day for her on May 25th but I can't tell you about that until after the day of course, as it's all still a big secret from my mum. It's also my step-dad George's 80th this year, so it's a joint birthday for them really.

Today I've just been sorting out wrapping the little fun present I've got her for an 'unwrap' on the day; May 10th. It's some Cherry B bottles - I can't possibly tell you why :-)  Maggie also got her a present, so we wrapped that together.

I made some 'tags' for the gift bags using Plantin School book cartridge for the numerals and Walk in my Garden cartridge for the flowers; using the blackout function of daisy2. I think they really 'make' the bags.

The card I made during a class I went to with Melanie Heaton at Inspirations store in Preston. Please visit Mel's blog to see the full set of instructions on how we made it. It's a gorgeous card and I had fun making it with some lovely ladies in the class and I'm finally getting to give it to mum as I always had wanted to do.

I had to make a box as an envelope as this is very dimensional. I also embossed a flower design onto the lid of the box using a design on the Ultimate Pro. I then embossed a smaller size of the same flower in a coordinating card stock piece and cut it out. I then adhered that inside the embossed flower and it will get used as a place to write my mum's name on the envelope/box.

I've also made another box to put the important documents in for the other special day on May 25th. I used the 'magic ruler' method to make the custom sized box with my Ultimate Pro. I used the 1inch size. I then cut two triangle shaped pieces from some K&Co paper to decorate the lid.                                     

I'm collecting her birthday cake tomorrow night from my friend Viki who has made it - you really should check out her cakes as they're amazing - Viki's Cakes and bakes

Take care out there


  1. Hello Diane, test message.

  2. received, over and out! :-) Thanks for keep trying Linda- you're a gem!

  3. Hope your mum enjoys her birthday, sounds like you have a special day planned for her.


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